The software

With the Dupline Carpark Guidance System software it is possible to monitor and control the parking system from one or several central locations. Features includes monitoring of real-time status based on graphical images and key figures for the various user defined areas, monitoring of alarms, and the possibility to book places in the parking system. In order to provide useful statistical information, all parking events are stored in the database. Based on this it is possible to obtain historical report e.g. for occupancy rates, place rotation frequencies, place popularity rates and alarms.
The Dupline Carpark Guidance System software is a true Client / Server software using the latest technoligies from Microsoft for Client / Server communication. This enables users to monitor and control the Dupline Carpark Guidance System from anywhere in the world provided that the compter running the Carpark Server software is accessible on the Internet.
Microsoft SQL Server is used by the Carpark Server software to store all data acquired from the Dupline Carpark Guidance System for presentation in the Carpark Client software.
Check the screen dumps below from the Carpark Client software and the User Guide.

Area status provides a quick overview of the occupancy rate:

Drawing provides a graphical real-time view on free, occupied, handicap and booked places:

Occupancy report provides a graphical view on occupied places, free places, traffic in cars/hours etc.:

Alarm status provides an overview of places occupied to long, places free to long etc.: